I'm Jeff Butler.


Behavioral Economist at the University of California, Merced.


I am interested in topics at the intersection of economics, sociology and psychology. My current research investigates the interactions between identity, culture, social environment, preferences and outcomes with a particular focus on how experienced inequality affects beliefs, values, trust, aspirations and behavior.

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  • Publications
  • Strategies to Customize Responsible Gambling Messages (forthcoming, with Brett Abarbanel, Sally Gainsbury and Kahlil Philander). BMC Public Health. [Working paper]
  • Motivating Whistleblowers (forthcoming, with Giancarlo Spagnolo and Danila Serra). Management Science. [Working paper]
  • Social Risk and the Dimensionality of Intentions, (2018, with Joshua B. Miller). Management Science, vol. 64(6): pp. 2787-2796. [Working paper] [Published version]
  • Identity and the Theory of the Firm< (2018) in The Handbook of Behavioral Industrial Organization Tremblay, Schroeder and Tremblay (eds), Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 224-253. [Working paper]
  • The Right Amount of Trust (2016, with Luigi Guiso and Paola Giuliano). Journal of the European Economic Association vol 14(5), pp. 1155-1180. [Working paper] [Published version]
  • A Review of Experimenting with Social Norms: Fairness and Punishment in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Jean Ensminger and Joseph Henrich (eds.) (2016). Journal of Economic Literature vol 53(2), pp. 379-381. [Working paper] [Published version]
  • Trust and Cheating (2016, with Luigi Guiso and Paola Giuliano). The Economic Journal vol 126, pp. 1703-1738. [Working paper] [Published version]
  • Inequality and Relative Ability Beliefs (2016). The Economic Journal vol 126, pp. 907-948. [Working paper] [Published version]
  • A Teaching Intervention that Increases Underserved College Students’ Success: Research Findings from the Transparency and Problem-centered Learning Project (2016, with Mary-Ann Winkelmes, Tia McNair, Ashley Finley, Matthew Bernacki, Michelle Zochowski, Jennifer Golanics and Kati Harriss Weavil). Peer Review vol 18(1/2), pp. 31-36. [Published version]
  • Trust, Values and False Consensus (2015, with Luigi Guiso and Paola Giuliano). International Economic Review vol 56(3), pp. 889-915. [Working paper] [Published version]
  • The Role of Intuition and Reasoning in Driving Aversion to Risk and Ambiguity (2014, with Luigi Guiso and Tullio Japelli). Theory and Decision vol 77(4), pp. 455-484. [Working paper] [Published version]
  • Trust, Truth, Status and Identity: an experimental inquiry (2014). The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics vol 14(1), pp. 293-338. [Working paper] [Published version]

Contact Me

Email: jbutler6@ucmerced.edu